Originally published on July 28, 2018

This is part of the #HiddenDE campaign, which seeks to reveal the hidden issue of family homelessness in Delaware. 1 in 30 kids experience homelessness each year in Delaware — sign up to learn more.

Here are three recent news articles that caught our attention:

Via The Daily Times of Salisbury

Homelessness is a hidden issue in Delaware’s resort towns

Resort areas often don’t support their workforce with affordable housing,” reports Taylor Goebel in The Daily Times of Salisbury. In places like Delaware’s beach towns and Ocean City, Maryland, homelessness increases during the summer, since “rentals are cheaper in the winter.”

Local organizations also report seeing a “large increase…

Originally published on August 11, 2018

This is part of the #HiddenDE campaign, which seeks to reveal the hidden issue of family homelessness in Delaware. 1 in 30 kids experience homelessness each year in Delaware — sign up to learn more.

Here are three recent news articles that caught our attention:

Via the Los Angeles Times

A hidden housing crisis in California after mass displacement of tenants

Across California, “investors are snatching up older apartment buildings and clearing out tenants,” then renovating units or building entirely new structures to “re-market them at sometimes double the rent,” according to Andrew Khouri in the LA Times. Displaced residents often can’t find affordable apartments and must grapple with sleeping…

This is part of the #HiddenDE campaign, which seeks to reveal the hidden issue of family homelessness in Delaware. 1 in 30 kids experience homelessness each year in Delaware—sign up to learn more.

A manager at Delaware’s Central Park Mini Storage said that several people, including families, have been living in their units, according to Rob Petree at Delaware 105.9.

The company evicts renters when they find them living in their units, said the manager, who gave her name as Vicky. In one instance, Vicky said, “we called them and they’re like ‘well, we’re in between places,’ and I said…

Click here to see the full 2017 Annual Report.

Want to get involved? Email info@familypromisede.org.

Congregation Partners

Hospitality Network Host Congregations

These partners have facilities to directly house 4 families (14 individuals), one week at a time, 3–4 times a year.

Aldersgate United Methodist Church*

Berea Presbyterian Church

Bible Fellowship Church

Christ Church Christiana Hundred*

Ebenezer United Methodist Church*

Grace Lutheran Church*

Hockessin United Methodist Church*

Limestone Presbyterian Church*

Peninsula-McCabe United Methodist Church

Skyline United Methodist Church*

St. James’ Mill Creek Episcopal Church

St. Mark’s United Methodist Church*

St. Philip’s Lutheran Church*

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd*

Westminster Presbyterian Church*

White Clay Creek…

Family Promise® of Northern New Castle County

Our Mission: To prevent and end homelessness for families by engaging volunteers, donors and the faith community.

Our Vision: We envision a community in which every family has a home, a livelihood and the resources for lasting independence.

Click here to see or download this Annual Report as a PDF.

Thanks to you, Charity’s family quickly moved into stable housing.

“Family Promise is an organization that stands by what it believes in, and that is helping families be sustainable and have secure housing.” — Charity

Charity supported her daughter and two sons by working at a local medical center. …

The case against the online media subscription model

News should enable everyone to be on the same page. Photo by Jojo Bombardo / Flickr.

Subscription-based business models are the journalism industry’s current panacea, and for good reason. Advertising is declining—and under attack by Google and Apple. The idea that readers, not advertisers, should be the news industry’s most important customers and relationships makes a lot of sense. And anyway, subscriptions seem like the only option moving forward.

The problem is that this model is not inclusive of everyone—particularly the people for whom access to the news may be most critical. Moreover, putting up barriers to news access will only further fragment our society’s sense of shared reality. People with means will only subscribe to—and…

Listen to headlines from random places in the US with your Amazon Echo

Increasingly, our most ubiquitous technologies have been upending the original premise of the internet. Instead of exposing us to a greater humanity, our ostensibly worldwide networks have only made us more insular. Opaque algorithms only show us posts and articles they think we’ll like — or at least, on which we’ll click “like.” Far from nudging us to widen our perspectives, the internet tempts our most tribalistic tendencies to associate only with people whose values and views hew closest to ours.

Discussions about this pernicious digital parochialism were reinvigorated after the 2016 presidential election laid bare its perils. …

Finally, high school trigonometry comes in handy

The final product.

For my new personal website, I wanted to create a map with lines connecting various cities—easy enough with Leaflet. However, I couldn’t find an easy way to make those lines nicely curved. If the cities were far enough apart, there are great plugins for drawing “great circle” (or geodesic) lines, which take into account the curvature of the Earth, and thus appear as curved on a flat map. But the some of the lines I wanted to create were short enough that the great circle method wouldn’t consistently create curved lines.

Finally, I figured out a different way, which I…

And other observations from publishing an anthology in English and Spanish

One Google Sheet became the Proyecto Carrito book website.

Creating a website for a bilingual book—whose chapters contain a mix of English and Spanish, sometimes even within a single paragraph—posed an interesting challenge. I wanted to preserve each piece’s mix of languages, but I knew that readers might not speak both English and Spanish. Eventually, I concluded I wanted to let website readers choose between reading each piece in its original language(s), which might include English and/or Spanish; English only; or Spanish only.

The question was then how to make all-English and all-Spanish versions of each chapter. Manually creating English-only and Spanish-only versions of each chapter would be cumbersome…

Hugging Gloria after she told her life story for the first time, ever.

The images of our filming process with Manantiales de Paz—a self-settled community just outside Medellín, Colombia—that linger most in my mind are those in which the equipment fades away and pure humanity comes into sharp focus. Moments like when, after a long day of interviewing, the group settled into Doña Ena’s house to be refreshed by her signature juices and soulful smile, and worked side by side, laptop alongside blender. When shooting was paused as community leaders descended on Claudia’s one-year-old house for a bandeja paisa lunch that had been cooking since 4 a.m., followed by students Suzie and Evie…

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